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Paper Product Series

    1. NotebookePaper used in this business note book has 85% whiteness and can protect eyesight.
      Simple style is suitable for office workers.
      Comfortable leather cover is adopted in this business note book, thus it is scratch-proof.
    1. Poster (Post-it Notes)Super Sticky Poster (Fluorescence)
      Super sticky poster is smooth, easy to write, and has high quality glue at back with no stain after usage.
      Given below is explanation of super sticky poster
    1. Note Pad This note book is designed with transparent PP cover which comes with a thickness of 0.5mm and is in fine texture.
      There are 80pcs inner sheets, which are 70g offset paper.
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Other Products
    1. Index Our index is made from the imported PP material, which is reliable and environment friendly.
      Use the innovative CPP technology, the sheets are more straight.
      Various classification methods are available to suit different...
    1. Filing Cabinet Our office file cabinets are typically made of hard plastic or metal material, and include several layers. Besides, they incorporate keyed lock so as to prevent unauthorized access to the stored documents. What's more, our file cabinets come in several colors to suit various ...
    1. Organizer Because our products are aesthetic, reliable, cost effecive, and easy to use, they are widely used in government, business, offices, and schools. Our company is located in the port city of Ningbo, where we have access to airports, sea ports, and railways ...
    1. Auto-numbering Machine Numbering machines are widely used to print date or numbers on files and other objects.
      Deli Stationery, as a leading office supplies manufacturer, can offer a variety of office products like office filing products file box, file keeper ...
    1. Stapler SetHigh quality: Our stapler is produced in accordance with ISO quality standards.
      "Twice injection and once molding" technique is adopted.
      Our stapler is suitable for..
    1. Pencil Sharpener( blade)Explanation of this pencil sharpener
      Item No.: Specification, Packing, Meas.
      E39778: 31.68*15.226mm, 1/24/48(36pcs/tube) ...
    1. Binder ClipMaterial: cold rolled sheet. PS plastic.
      Beautiful appearance with bright colors.
      Strict quality control standard is applied...
    1. Power Saving StaplerThis power saving stapler has the type of 24/6 or 26/6, which can save 50% labor upon using. The stapler can smooth the nails removing, and features scientific design ...

Company Brief: DELI Group is a professional office supply manufacturer, office supply wholesaler in China. We mainly manufacture office supplies such as file holder, pencil sharpener, paper punch, paper cutter, file box, etc.