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Stapler & Punch Series

  • Paper Punch
    1. Paper PunchHigh quality material: ABS plastic and A3 hardware material.
      The paper punch combined the functions of stapler and punch.
      Adjustable locating buttons are available.
    1. Hole PunchThe hole punch body is made of iron material, and the whole tool is equipped with top-class punch.
      Its bottom part uses the rubber materials, which have high stability. Thus, the hole punch will not be moved upon punching.
    1. Single Hole PunchThe single hole punch is of Ergonomic hand-held design, which is also more comfortable than traditional pressed punch upon using.
      It is suitable for punching different kinds of documents.
  • Stapler Set
    1. Stapler SetHigh quality: Our stapler is produced in accordance with ISO quality standards.
      "Twice injection and once molding" technique is adopted.
      Our stapler is suitable for both No.10 and No.12 staples.
    1. Power Saving StaplerThis power saving stapler has the type of 24/6 or 26/6, which can save 50% labor upon using. The stapler can smooth the nails removing, and features scientific design and beautiful appearance. There are various colors for you to choose.
    1. Multifunctional StaplerPages: 12pages/80g
      Type of Staples: 24/6&26/6
      PCS of Staples: 40pcs
    1. Flat Staple Stapler24/6 26/6: 30sheets/80g
      0373 :24/6 26/6
Stapler & Punch Series

Spirit series style design, of elegant appearance.
Thick metal material, strong structure.
Staplers with metal pull rod.

Item No. Specification Packing Meas, Color
0133 10 sheets/80g,80mm,φ6mm 1/12/96 50*31.5*28CM
0134 25 sheets/80g,80mm,φ6mm 1/-/24 57.5*27.5*39.5CM
0135 35 sheets/80g,80mm,φ6mm 1/6/60 54.5*31.5*25.5CM
0324 12# X 100PCS 1/6/60 51.5*25.5*28.5CM
0344 12# X 50PCS 1/12/96 52.5*30*26.5CM
0345 12# X 100PCS 1/6/72 54*31.5*31CM
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