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Functional Acrylic Ruler

Functional Acrylic Ruler

A ruler, sometimes named as a line gauge, is an instrument which is widely used to measure distances or rule straight lines in geometry, technical drawing, printing, etc. Typically, the rulers have some letter-shape or circular holes in the middle for students' convenience. As a Chinese ruler manufacturer and supplier, we at Deli Stationery provide a wide range of rules, which include student ruler set, acryl functional ruler, set square and French curve.

1. The surface of our rulers is wear resistant and has undergone anti-static treatment.
2. Clear printing, precise calibration
3. Our rulers are made of polystyrene, and consequently, they are rigid and durable.

Item: 8222

NO. 8222
Specification 200mm
Packing 1/50/600
Meas. 47x26x20cm

Item: 8223

NO. 8223
Specification 300mm
Packing 1/40/480
Meas. 47x34.5x19cm
Functional Acrylic Ruler

Set Square
The set square is a triangular piece of transparent plastic with the center removed. It is widely used in engineering and technical drawing. Set squares are available in two main forms, which are right triangles with 90-45-45 degree angles and 30-60-90 degree angles respectively.

Functional Acrylic Ruler

French Curve
Item: 6227

NO. 6227
Packing 1/120/480
Meas. 45.5x30.5x26cm

Item: 6228

NO. 6228
Packing 1/90/360
Meas. 45.5x28x30cm

In order to satisfy each of our customer's needs, we provide a wide range of products, including ruler, file keeper, stapler, paper punch, paper trimmer, pencil sharpener, fax paper, calculator, and more. All these products are made in accordance with the ISO9001:2000 and ISO14001:2004 standards. So you can feel at ease using our products.
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