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    1. Lever Clip FileMaterial: Imported environmental protective PP material from Korea.
      These lever arch files have beautiful and bright colors.
      Our file folders have a wide range of styles for your option.
    1. View Binder5252:Two-color display book(20P), A4, 1/12/96, 67.5x53.5x35.5cm
      5053:Two-color display book(30P), A4, 1/12/96, 53.5x51x35.5cm
      5054:Two-color display book(40P), A4, 1/12/48, 53.5x43.5x35.5cm
    1. Lever Arch BinderGood toughness, strong, and neat, durable.
      The design of high-quality metal ring hole facilitates the extraction.
      Colorful labels are available inside the PP ring binder which offers convenient index.
    1. File KeeperA file keeper is a tool used to store, protect and control the paper documents, which is widely used in the course of business activities. We at Deli Stationery are a file keeper manufacturer in China. Our file keepers are reliable, easy to use, and can keep various kinds of paper documents, with good display functions.
    1. O-Ring File Keeper 2 Hole This O-ring file keeper is made from 100% imported PP material.
      The clamp, which is also imported from famous suppliers, is deformation resistant and comfortable to use.
      Beautiful design of this file keeper can suit users' aesthetic requirements.
    1. O-Ring File Keeper 3 HoleUnlike 2-hole O-ring file keeper, our 3-hole O-ring file keeper is mainly designed to store frequently used 3-hole A4 size documents. This type of file holder is constructed of superior PP material, and has the advantages of attractive appearance, large capacity, good deformation resistance and ease of use.
    1. Swing Clip FileOur swing clip file is primarily used to keep A4 files and documents. It is made from high quality PP material, and has the features of being beautiful, durable, and tear resistant. Today, our swing clip file is increasingly popular with customers from the USA, Canada, Australia, Britain, Germany, Italy, France, etc.
    1. Ring Clip FileOur ring clip file is a type of file holder which is mainly used to keep A4 paper documents. It is available in 2 holes, 3 holes, and 4 holes for customers to choose from. Our ring clip file is made from material which is provided by qualified suppliers, therefore, its quality and reliability are highly ensured.
    1. File Folder The high-quality file folder uses the new rock texture plate.
      There are four colors that can be available, which are blue, light grey, metallic grey and black.
      The cover thickness of our file folder is 0.75mm.
    1. Marble Lever ArchW39597:A4, 2", 1/10/50 , 66*31*34cm
      W39598:A4, 3", 1/10/50 , 68*31*34cm
      W39599:FC, 2", 1/10/50 , 66*31*37cm
    1. PVC BinderE5610: A4-1"2D ring, 1/12/48, 57.5*55.5*38cm
      E5611: A4-1"3D ring, 1/12/48, 57.5*55.5*38cm
      E5612: A4-1"4D ring, 1/12/48, 57.5*55.5*38cm
    1. Polypropylene Binder (PP Binder)The PP binder is part of our initiative to protect the planet from further damage. Polypropylene is capable of being decomposed by natural process. PP also weighs less and lasts longer than PVC, making it easy to use and friendly to the environment.
    1. Yuecai Office Supplies PP material is more healthy and eco-friendly.
      Our Yuecai office supplies are flat and smooth.
      With frosted surface design, this product feels comfortable.
    1. Antibacterial File KeeperThe plate used in this antibacterial file keeper comes with a thickness of 0.95mm. As a result, it is flatter and has better touching feeling.
      The color and spine design is in business style ...
    1. Executive FolderHeavy-duty cover with an attractive vertical colored line printing
      The executive folder is very convenient to carry due to its easy-grip handle.
      Durable construction ...
    1. Action Case FileDurable cover with an attractive vertical colored line printing
      Matched elastic closure secures contents
      The edge fold design prevents papers from falling out ...
    1. Ring BinderDurable cover with an attractive vertical colored line printing
      Reversible spine insert for personalization
      Finger hole in spine allows easy retrieval from shelves ...
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Company Brief: DELI Group is a professional office supply manufacturer, office supply wholesaler in China. We mainly manufacture office supplies such as file holder, pencil sharpener, paper punch, paper cutter, file box, etc.