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Expanding File

Expanding File

1. High quality PP material used makes the expanding file flat and produces no smell.
2. High quality soft handle makes you feel generous and comfortable.
3. With its index design, the expanding file is convenient for use.

Explanation of this school bag

Item No. Specification Packing Meas.
5880 A4, 330*250*35mm 1/12/48 71.5*43.5*57.5cm
5881 A4, 330*250*35mm 1/12/48 71.5*43.5*57.5cm

1. Deli expanding file is antibacterial, healthy and eco-friendly.
2. Soft carry-handle and strong lock make it easy to carry.
3. The expanding file is great for keeping papers and documents organized.

W38997 A4-7PK PP 1/12/48 715x435x575
W38998 A4-13PK PP 1/12/48 715x435x575

Multifunctional Expanding File

1. The multifunctional expanding file has 7 transparent and clear compartments for organized assortment
2. Thick PP cover, durable and smooth
3. A4 size notepad for notes and reports
4. With pen loop and name card bag

W38965 A4 PP 1/9/36 725x435x320
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