Excellent adhesive performance
Super flexible and of uniform thickness


Item No 0677
Specification 108*82*97mm
Packing 1/12/72
Meas 67.5*64.5*36.5cm

BOPP Packing Tape
Deli Stationery, a China office supply manufacturer, provides quality BOPP packing tape to customers worldwide. Our BOPP tape is used for sealing various packaging cartons etc. Company's logo or some other information can also be printed on this tape for advertising purpose.

1. This packing tape is made from quality BOPP.
2. It has high viscosity, and is suitable for use at all temperatures.
3. Color printing sealing tapes are also available.


30200 48mmx30y 1/6/120 48.5x39x32cm
30201 48mmx40y 1/6/120 49.5x40x32cm
30202 48mmx50y 1/6/72 41x31.5x32cm
30203 48mmx60y 1/6/72 42.5x32.5x32cm
30205 48mmx100y 1/6/48 47x24.5x32cm
30223 48mmx60m 1/6/72 43.5x32.5x32cm
30289 55mmx80y 1/6/60 57.5x24x36cm
30320 60mmx30y 1/6/90 48.5x30x39cm
30321 60mmx40y 1/6/90 48.5x30x39cm
30279 55mmx250y 1/6/24 31.5x31.5x36cm
30367 60mmx40y 1/1/90 49.5x30.5x39cm
30368 60mmx60y 1/1/72 42.5x32.5x39cm
30369 60mmx100y 1/1/36 35.5x24.5x39cm
30170 45mmx30y 1/6/120 49x39.5x30cm
30131 24mmx40y 1/12/240 49.5x40x32cm
30322 60mmx50y 1/6/72 41.5x31.5x39cm
30323 60mmx60y 1/6/72 42.5x32.5x39cm
30325 60mmx100y 1/6/36 35.5x24.5x39cm
30343 60mmx60m 1/6/72 43.5x32.5x39cm
30246 48mmx40y 1/1/120 49.5x40x32cm
30247 48mmx60y 1/1/72 42.5x32.5x32cm
30248 48mmx100y 1/1/48 47x24.5x32cm
30249 48mmx200y 1/1/36 43.5x29.5x32cm
30208 48mmx200y 1/6/36 43.5x29.5x32cm
30209 48mmx250y 1/6/24 31.5x31.5.5x32cm
30207 48mmx150y 1/6/36 39.5x27x32cm
30270 55mmx30y 1/6/120 48.5x39x36cm
30273 55mmx60y 1/6/72 42.5x32.5x36cm
30278 55mmx200y 1/6/36 43.5x29.5x36cm
30171 45mmx40y 1/6/120 49.5x40x30cm
30173 45mmx60y 1/6/72 43x33x30.5cm
30177 45mmx100y 1/6/48 47x24.5x30cm
30130 24mmx30y 1/12/240 48.5x39x32cm
30133 24mmx60y 1/12/144 42.5x32.5x32cm

Additionally, we also offer many other office supplies like file keeper, file box, file bag, stapler, pencil sharpener and paper cutter etc. These products are made in accordance with the ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards, so please feel secure in using them.
If you are in need of our office supplies, please contact us. We are certain that you will find your desired products.

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Company Brief: DELI Group is a professional office supply manufacturer, office supply wholesaler in China. We mainly manufacture office supplies such as file holder, pencil sharpener, paper punch, paper cutter, file box, etc.