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Hot Melt Double-Sided Tissue Tape

Hot Melt Double-Sided Tissue Tape

Hot melt double-sided tissue tape is available for sticking light articles at office and home.
Given below is explanation of hot melt double-sided tissue tape

Item No. Specification Packing Meas.
30414 6mm*10y*80µm 1tub/-/12tub,(48pcs/tub) 40*30.5*32cm
30415 36mm*20y*80µm 1tub/-/12tub,(8pcs/tub) 40*30.5*32cm
30421 6mm*20y*80µm 1tub/-/12tub,(48pcs/tub) 40*33.5*32cm
30422 9mm*20y*80µm 1tub/-/12tub,(32pcs/tub) 40*33.5*32cm
30423 12mm*20y*80µm 1tub/-/12tub,(24pcs/tub) 40*33.5*32cm
30424 18mm*20y*80µm 1tub/-/12tub,(16pcs/tub) 40*33.5*32cm
30425 24mm*20y*80µm 1tub/-/12tub,(12pcs/tub) 40*33.5*32cm
30426 36mm*20y*80µm 1tub/-/12tub,(8pcs/tub) 40*33.5*32cm
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