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Sliding Bar Report Cover

Sliding Bar Report Cover

Our sliding bar report cover is a common file holder designed to keep A4 paper documents. It is not only low priced, but also easy to use. If you want to impress your readers from the first glance, choose our sliding bar report cover, because it will provide your reports with an extra sheen of professionalism.

1. Fashionable design, dull polished surface
2. This sliding bar report cover comes in various colors, such as blue, red, grey, etc.

Item: 5530

Item 5530
Specification A4
Packing 5/60/120
MEAS 59X42X36

Deli Stationery is a Chinese sliding bar report cover manufacturer. We provide a wide range of products, such as stapler, paper punch, paper trimmer, pencil sharpener, fax paper, glue sticker, and so on. Based in Ningbo, Zhejiang, we have easy access to air, land, and sea transportation, which not only reduces the transportation cost of our raw materials, but also greatly decreases the shipping cost of our customers. We welcome international customers to work with us.
We look forward to working with more customers worldwide.

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Company Brief: DELI Group is a professional office supply manufacturer, office supply wholesaler in China. We mainly manufacture office supplies such as file holder, pencil sharpener, paper punch, paper cutter, file box, etc.