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File Management Series

  • Card Holder
    1. Card HolderThis display book comes in a variety of colors to suit your different requirements.
      The inner pockets with anti-reflective coating for easy reading.
      The inner pockets have undergone anti-static treatment, so the files will not be adhered to each other.
  • File Box
    1. File BoxThe box file is made of high quality PP material and its color is bright.
      The A4 Box File has a neat appearance and it is durable.
      Its special design enable a convenient retrieval.
  • File Holder/File Bag
    1. 11 Hole Display Book The pockets are anti-static, thus helping prevent adhesion of each page.
      Non-glare treatment makes it comfortable for you to read.
      Each fixed page with insert paper, ultrasonically welded to spine for additional strength
    1. Display Bag High flexibility: this display bag with 11 holes can be used for documents with 2 holes, 3 holes, 4 holes, etc.
      This bag is made of non-reflective material, which is transparent and can effectively protect your eyes.
      Files without holes can also be stored.
    1. File Bag This file bag is an product upgraded from traditional kraft paper bag.
      It is moisture-proof and durable.
      With its PP material, this file bag is comfortable and wrinkle free.
    1. Gridding Zip Bag96180 : A5, 12/180/720, 53.5*40.5*36cm
      96181 : B5, 12/120/480, 53.5*33.5*45.5cm
      96182 : A4, 10/100/400, 66.5*38*31.5cm
    1. Hanging File Keeper FCThe slide bar coated with OEL is easy to slide, thus making this file keeper easier to obtain documents.
      This hanging file keeper is provided with classification labels for users' convenience.
      Imported paper is utilized for longer life.
    1. PP Zip BagUsing PP instead of PVC, this zip bag is healthier and eco-friendly.
      Flat and wrinkle free, it doesn't absorb or stick to other things. As a result, it is easy to use and beautiful in appearance...
    1. Sliding Bar Report CoverOur sliding bar report cover is a common file holder designed to keep A4 paper documents. It is not only low priced, but also easy to use. If you want to impress your readers from the first glance, choose our sliding bar report cover, because it will provide your reports with an extra sheen of professionalism.
    1. PP File CoverDeli PP file cover is antibacterial, healthy and eco-friendly.
      It is elegant and simple.
      The PP file cover is generally used for reports and presentations
    1. Transparent Zip BagDeli transparent zip bag is antibacterial, healthy and eco-friendly.
      Gusseted base gives it up to 150 pieces capacity.
      With top opening and transparent zip pull, the zip bag is easy to use
    1. PP Envelope File The PP envelope file is easy to carry
      Premium quality polypropylene with an attractive vertical colored line printing on cover
      Ideal for filling and storage
    1. Flexible Report Cover Comfort-touch cover, flexible and scratch resistant
      Stainless iron clips for good durability
      The flexible report cover is suitable for reports and presentations ...
    1. PP Report Cover Comfort-touch cover, flexible and scratch resistant
      The PP report cover has transparent corner bag for CD and slit for name card
      Stainless iron clips for good durability ...
    1. Clip Report Cover Comfort-touch cover, flexible and scratch resistant
      The clip report cover is ideal for reports, presentations, etc.
      Convenient to fetch and insert files and documents ...
    1. A4 Report Cover Comfort-touch cover, flexible and scratch resistant
      Classic simple structure
      The A4 report cover has corner bags to secure contents ...
    1. Letter Report Cover Comfort-touch cover, flexible and scratch resistant
      Classic L shape structure
      The letter report cover has corner bag to secure contents ...
  • Index
    1. Index Our index is made from the imported PP material, which is reliable and environment friendly.
      Use the innovative CPP technology, the sheets are more straight.
      Various classification methods are available to suit different requirements.
  • Expanding File
    1. Expanding FileHigh quality PP material used makes the expanding file flat and produces no smell.
      High quality soft handle makes you feel generous and comfortable.
      With its index design, the expanding file is convenient for use.